Our company specializes in providing highly trained specialists to repair slabs and pillars, in residential and commercial properties within the Metro Kansas City area. The goal of our company is to create happy clients who not only are personally satisfied, but also find confidence to refer our services to others.

We strive to always be accessible and reliable. We can help with drainage correction, installation of surface drains, french drains, repair and installation of sidewalks, as well as other concrete repair needs.

Our team of highly experienced experts work closely with our clients to get a complimentary foundation repair solution that will have a natural extension to your client’s property.

Kansas City Foundation Repair 10518 Mersington Ave Kansas City, MO 64137 (816) 691-8770 https://plus.google.com/b/107724035950804912768/107724035950804912768/posts?gmbpt=true&pageId=107724035950804912768&hl=en

From the beginning to the end of your foundation repair, our dedicated team will provide you with a schedule of work, which will explain the process and also inform you of what is necessary. While the process can be intense and also tedious, our team will help make the process run smoothly, ensuring that clients have the correct documentation. If your foundation repair requires planning permission or any other relevant information we can take care of this. The goal is to provide as little disruption to our clients as possible.

Kansas City Foundation Repair deliver accurate and timely estimates and, if required, appropriate foundation repair plans and proficient installations.

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