Knowing the difference in ceiling cracks can reduce your stress and help save your home. All homes are subject to movement, this is normal. This movement can be caused by changes in the weather or by the ground settling below the home. Listed below are a few things to check to determine if cracks are due to structural damage.

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Where are the cracks located?

The location of the cracks in a ceiling are a good indicator to determine what is happening. If a crack is located along the edges of the ceiling, it is due to house settlement.  Cracks across the middle of the ceiling can be dangerous and should be repaired immediately.

What are matching vertical cracks?  

A crack that runs vertically across the ceiling and continues on to the wall is a major concern.  This is a sign of structural damage to the home.  Usually this can be attributed to a natural disaster such as an earthquake or tornado, the settling of a home over an extended time, or a man made incident.  Note that the size of the crack can help you determine the severity of your problem.

What are spiderweb cracks?

Spiderweb cracks are not necessarily located just in ceilings; they can also be found in walls, floors, and grout lines. Most of the time a spiderweb crack appears in older homes and is caused by the house settling.  Spiderweb cracks are normal; however, if you notice a crack that is over 1/16 inches wide, it should be looked at by a professional.

The most common reason for ceiling cracks is moisture; this is also normal. If cracks are caused by moisture, find the source of the moisture and eliminate the problem.  Poor water drainage, if not corrected,  often results in a home’s foundation damage. Are the ceilings bowed?

If a ceiling is bowing and shows visible signs of cracking , it is an indication of a much more serious problem. A home’s joists can only support a certain amount of weight. Once that weight is surpassed, the support weakens, the ceiling sags, and the ceiling could collapse.

Ceiling Crack Repair

If ceiling cracks are a result of a foundation problems, Kansas City Foundation Repair can help. Push piers and helical piers are one method we use to stabilize and level a foundation.

If ceiling cracks are present, contact us to inspect your home and determine if the cracks are due to foundation problems. It is important to complete repairs as soon as possible in order to avoid major damage and repair expenses.

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