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Why Use a Construction Company

Whether you’re planning a new construction project or are in need of remodeling or repair services, ensuring that your structures foundation will be stable and secure for years to come is our number one priority. Call us today and let us help you increase the value of your new home or addition.

Do I need to use a Construction Company?

We understand that having issues with your basement foundation will cause many problems. Using a licensed, insured construction company to perform basement foundation repair work will ensure that your home or business will be safe and structurally sound.

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Are we licensed in Missouri and Kansas?

Our engineers and contractors are licensed in Missouri and Kansas. Please note that some companies offer advice even though they are not properly licensed. We recommend that all clients check with their state’s licensing board to be 100% sure.

What is a fair estimate?

We highly suggest that you always get detailed estimates in writing. It is never a good idea to just accept verbal contracts as they will not hold up in court should something go wrong. Insist on detailed estimates. Note: at times it may not be possible to perfectly estimate the price of repair work, especially if the contractor will not be able to see everything until after the repair work has begun. It is also a good idea to ask for a cost run over percentage in the written estimate to ensure that the final repair cost won’t go over a predetermined percentage.

Do Construction Companies offer warranties?

Although implied warranties and state laws do provide you with a certain level of peace of mind, it is always wise to negotiate a written warranty with a contractor for all of the work that will be performed. We highly recommend that this warranty be negotiated along with all other terms of your agreement. We will go over all of our warranties terms and conditions with you before a contract is signed.

Do you provide references?

We are an experienced construction company. You can rest assured that we stand behind our product. Upon your request, we are happy to provide you with references from our completed projects.

Will you provide advice about my yard’s landscaping and soil?

Choosing the right company to complete the work you need done is as important as using the best products. With our knowledge and experience, we are confident that all of your landscaping and soil needs will be met by our highly trained and motivated staff.

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Why A Kansas City Foundation Construction?

We are a local business located at 10518 Mersington Avenue Kansas City, Missouri 64137 and provide the latest and most advanced technologies. We provide individual and personalized service and always with the best technologies and equipment on the market. No one plans needing a foundation repair. We are well aware that this can be stressful. This is why we try to treat each situation as if it were for our own families.

Meet The Team

Below are some of the great staff you may meet with when working with us. We are very proud of our group and the great work they provide to our clients.

Types of Construction Companies

Four main types of Construction Companies: #1 Small Renovation Contractors: Generally perform work for small projects and repairs. #2 General Contractors: New building experts who often subcontract to other trades #3 Trade Contractors: Specialized subcontractors who work as plumbers, painters, electricians that work a main contractor. #4 Design builders: Design and build all structural components.

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