Foundation Repair Methods

Foundation problems need to be repaired correctly — and the sooner rather than better. Once foundation problems occur, they can lead to several other problems, including sloping floors, cracks in interior walls and/or ceilings and cracked exterior walls. A certified repair specialist inspects your home, determines the extent of damage and provides an estimate for foundation repairs.

Methods of foundation repair and preservation include:

  1. Waterproofing: Foundation waterproofing helps eliminate invasive moisture to crawl spaces and basements. Too much moisture can cause mold growth and may leads to excessive humidity in other areas of the home. Foundation waterproofing can be accomplished one of two ways: through managing interior water away from the crawl space or basement; or managing exterior water, a method that defends against water from the foundation’s exterior. Both methods are effective and can include vapor barriers, dimple boards, dig-outs, sump pumps and drainage as part of the repair.
  2. Crawl space encapsulation: Vapor barriers are used to encapsulate the wall sand sometimes floors of the crawl space to discourage mold growth and improve indoor air quality. This repair often includes an air exchange system designed to circulate clean air into the home. A “conditioned”, non-ventilated approach can also be effective. It uses the home’s air conditioning system to keep temperatures cooler inside the crawl space.
  3. Crawl space restoration: When floors have begun to sag due to foundation damage, support columns can be installed in crawl spaces to level the floors and shore up the foundation. These adjustable posts help to move the floor back into proper position.
  4. Foundation leveling: When tree roots or other issues cause your foundation to sink or settle, a foundation leveling system can fix it. This repair involves raising the foundation in some cases, or installing additional supports. Keep in mind that no home will ever truly be level — not even new homes — but noticeable leveling issues almost always cause damage.
  5. Drainage management: A properly drained property keeps harmful water away from your home’s foundation, eliminating many structural and cosmetic issues such as cracks in walls and standing water under the slab. To prevent further damage to your foundation, a supplemental exterior drainage system may need to be installed. Drainage systems can include a variety of products and services such as surface drains, double barrel drains, gravity discharge, footer drains and more. When installing a drainage system, request that a clean out is included. This will make maintenance easier and can improve the system’s performance.
  6. Wall repair: Depending on the type of damage, basement and crawl space walls can be repaired or even patched cosmetically using a variety of techniques. Adjustable wall braces are used to stabilize poured concrete or to block walls that bow. Epoxy crack injections help seal cracks and carbon fiber strips can be used to support cracked or bowing block walls. For more extensive damage, a wall anchor can be used to restore the wall’s appearance and dramatically improve wall stability.
  7. Air exchange: Due to a phenomenon known as the “stack effect,” foundation problems can lead to air quality issues like musty smells, mold growth and high indoor humidity. Air quality systems improve the health of the home by eliminating bad air from the lower areas of the home and circulating clean, healthy air into the living areas above the foundation.

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