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If you’re a home owner, you should know that your house’s foundation is not completely waterproof. Water will eventually accumulate in the soil around the outside of the home and could quite possibly leak through the foundation. When dealing with a wet basement, proper lot grading is one thing to strongly consider.

Keeping the soil around your home dry is vital in preventing basement leaks. If the dirt around your home slopes away from the foundation, basements will be much less likely to leak.

Simply put, if there isn’t any dirt in close proximity to your foundation’s wall, water will not get inside. Many wet basement issues can be prevented or significantly reduced via proper grading and the use of high performing downspouts and gutters.

The soil around your foundation should slope down one inch per every one foot away from the building. Adding top soil is often necessary to achieve a proper slope pitch. Note – do not use gravel or sand!

Take a few minutes today to make sure your lot is properly graded. One simple check now can prevent having to pay the cost of water damage in the future.


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