Kinds of Foundation Problems

Foundation problems can occur whether your home sits on a slab, crawl space or has a basement. A wet basement, sagging floors and cracks in walls are often signs of foundation problems. However, the causes of foundation problems may not be visible right away.

Foundation problems usually occur when:

Settling: All homes settle, but significant settling can happen as a result of soil contraction and expansion, or because of structural problems with footings and piers.

Movement: A home’s foundation may shift along with changes in the seasons. “Frost heave” occurs when freezing groundwater pushes soil up. Earthquakes and floods may also cause foundations to shift.

Cracks: Foundation cracks are usually the result of invasive tree roots, poor drainage and plumbing leaks. Damage like this will often cause other problems like mold in the basement/crawl space, water seepage and insect infiltration. Some cracks may result as part of a home’s normal settling, but stair-step cracks and large cracks may be a sign of foundation damage.

Erosion: Water can build up against or under the foundation if your home has poor exterior drainage and may result in erosion. The ground around your home should slope away to ensure that water does not pool in the soil around your foundation.

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