In the not so distant past, to repair uneven concrete, old pavement needed to be torn out and new concrete had to be poured. In the process, a lot of money and time were spent.

Today, another option, known as mud-jacking (also known as concrete leveling, slab-jacking etc) is much less intensive and produces great results. Essentially, a repair person pumps “mud” under a sunken, uneven slab in order to lift it back to it’s proper place.

Why is my concrete not level?

Concrete becomes uneven because the support underneath it has given way. There are several reasons that this can happen.

  • The dirt under the original concrete wasn’t compacted properly.
  • Soil erosion under the concrete.
  • Natural soil settlement over several years.

Addressing concrete that has sunken

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Despite the cause, any concrete that has sunken can cause many structural issues including foundation settlement, foundation cracks, uneven sidewalks and basement walls that bow. If these issues are not repaired they can cause water runoff and huge structural problems. Additionally, safety issues and trip hazards are the responsibility of the building owner. An owner could be held liable for any injuries that result from failing to repair uneven concrete.

The mud-jacking process

If mud-jacking is determined to be the best course of action to repair uneven concrete the process tis quite simple simple. Small holes are drilled into uneven concrete. Slurry (mud) is then pumped through these small holes to level the concrete.

Mud-jacking versus re-pouring cement:

  • Mud-jacking is efficient and requites fewer workers and less equipment.
  • Plants and landscaping are less disturbed.
  • It’s quieter and much cleaner – neighbors and tenants won’t be affected by the heavy equipment, dust and loud noise associated with cement pouring.
  • Price. Mud-jacking uneven concrete usually costs half of what it would cost to pour a new concrete slab.
  • It’s environmentally friendly. Good concrete, that already exists is used in the Mud-jacking process. If a new concrete slab is poured instead, the old concrete will end up in a landfill.


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