Other Sources of Foundation Problems

In addition to expansive soil, many homes’ foundations can be damaged by the following problems:

Poor, Improper Drainage

Water pooling, puddles forming near a home’s foundation and a damp/leaky basement are typical signs of poor drainage. Clogged or damaged gutters, as well improperly graded land surrounding a home also contribute to poor drainage.

Under The Slab Water Leaks

Slab foundations cover water pipes and sewer lines. When a leak occurs in a covered line or pipe, the slab may deteriorate. This type of problem could cause moisture to appear on interior floors. A homeowner may also see a significant spike in their water bill. However, it’s quite typical that a leak under a slap will go by unnoticed. Testing to isolate a leak in a slap is often necessary.

Intruding Tree Roots

If large tree roots grow through the soil and underneath the home, it can cause severe foundation damage. Significant pressure from the roots can damage hidden water pipes and basement foundations. They might also suck moisture from the ground and cause soil to pull away from the home.


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