Preventative maintenance is the only way to extend the life of your home’s concrete. Such maintenance will also stop the concrete around your property from cracking. When it comes to concrete, one thing is guaranteed; concrete cracks and crack repair is a must.

When assessing the concrete on your property, look for two things.

One: A simple crack repair in the concrete or along the natural stress lines in the concrete.

If the concrete was poured correctly and the stress lines were placed in the correct places, concrete should crack along normal stress lines. The cracks are then sealed with caulking to protect the foundation. Choose a caulk color that best matches the color of the concrete.

Caulk prevents water from eroding the soil underneath the concrete.  If cracks are not repaired, they will allow water to accumulate and the ground under the concrete will begin to deteriorate. The concrete may then shift and heave, becoming uneven and requiring major concrete repair.

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Two:  A more important problem is if the ground shifts the foundation. This is a result of water leaking into the and around the building. If this happens, the walls of the foundation need to be properly sealed as soon as possible.

Repairing concrete cracks around the building, sidewalks, or driveway is a great way to prevent water from getting underneath the concrete and causing the ground to shift. The main concern should be the foundation.  Such maintenance will help prevent cracks in concrete and protect foundation walls.



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