leveling-floors3Many structures need leveling because the floors themselves have issues. Homes in Kansas City often require slab foundation repair or pier and beam work to stop floors from sloping. If a home has  uneven floors, it is a strong indication that there is damage that needs a repair. Unless a house is severely damaged, it is difficult to sometimes see just how unlevel the floors are. Foundation or house leveling is critical because it prevents the floors from sloping.

Issues developed with all types of foundations, including peer and beam foundations and concrete slabs.

How to find out if floors are not level:

leveling-floors2The best way to determine if your floors are not level is to roll a large marble across the floor and see if it rolls straight or goes downhill. While this may not be a scientific approach to understanding the severity of a problem, it is a simple way to see if this is a problem that should be looked into. The only way to know exactly how uneven your floors maybe is to have a specialist evaluate them for you. Kansas City foundation repair can provide this evaluation for free.

What causes floors to have issues?

leveling-floors1There are different things that cause a concrete slab or pier and beam foundation to have problems. Typically, the causes of these problems include poor structural design, soil under your house or structure that is improperly compacted, soil movement, and excessive moisture that may be caused by improper foundation draining or plumbing leaks. In Kansas City, foundation repair costs average $5000, but fixing slabs can exceed $12,000. In some cases, leveling a house can be well over $20,000. The only way to know for sure is to speak with a professional.

When is house leveling needed?

As soon you see problems with your floors you will want to have it fixed. A repair specialist that takes care of concrete slab foundations may suggest having a licensed plumber perform a hydrostatic plumbing test to see if you have any leaks. In the event that you need steel or concrete piers, these can be installed to stabilize your home.