soils-1Homeowners know that expansive clay soil in Missouri causes problems. Because of this, foundation repair is often needed. This is particularly true in areas such as the Kansas City metro area. While some soil contracts, other kinds of soils become it expansive when moisture is applied. Expansive soils generally lead to the need for foundation repair.

About Missouri expansive clay soils

Whether you are in Lee’s Summit, Olathe, overland Park, Kansas City or elsewhere, The three types of soils are 1) Sandy soils 2) Clay soils and 3) loamy soils. Light soils are generally the sandy soils and have large particles that allow for water to drain it easily. Shrink-swell soils, or clay soils, are very expensive and also common. These are the types of soils that engineers and contractors commonly work with while preparing foundations.

Heavy soils are made from clay and consist of small pack particles. These are dents and can be difficult to work with because they have a tendency to become hard and dry. In addition, they can sometimes cause fissures. This heavy soil is absorbent and takes on all lot of volume when wet. Loamy soils are considered to be a mix of clay soils and Sandy soils. The soils are built on multiple size particles, are good for retaining moisture and also for drainage.

Foundation repair problems caused by soil

soils-2The main cause of foundation problems is Soil. Expansive soil is made up of smectite clays that absorb water. As these clays take on water they begin to swell and put tremendous pressure on the vertical face of a foundation. This pressure causes lateral movement and sometimes foundation cracks. Also, expansive clay tends to contract when it becomes dry.

The American Society of Civil Engineers have stated that almost 25% of all homes in the United States have some foundation damage as results of the soils. Intact, foundation damage has caused more financial loss to homeowners than hurricanes, tornadoes, floods and earthquakes combined. The soils cause large gaps and foundations and the total repairs are estimated to be nearly $2 billion annually.

Types of repair in Missouri

There are several techniques used by foundation repair contractors to fix structures damaged by expansive soil. The methods include pressed concrete foundation piers and steel foundation piers. Both of these methods. Foundation damage, But concrete piers are used more often because they are more economical.

Any type of building constructed on clay soils is expected to have some type of foundation damage. This is even more likely and single-family homes because the framework is smaller than apartment buildings for office complexes.

soils-4The sheer weight of heavy buildings actually helps to minimize the amount of soil that swells in the expanse of clay. Soil engineers perform tests on the soil to determine it’s flexibility. Clay with the plasticity index of more than 50 is considered to be very expansive. Because hi plasticity Clay soils are known to fluctuate by 75% of their original volume, they can cause serious damage to your foundation.

Why do clay soils in Missouri expand and contract?

soils-3This happens because the types of soils belonging to a group of minerals called silicates. The main elements in the clay soil or aluminum, silicone and oxygen. They also will contain minerals such as sodium, calcium, magnesium and more.

Another reason why the clay soils in the Kansas City metro area frequently fluctuate is because of their specific mineral content. Much of the city consists of ash, glass, and volcanic rock. There are aluminum silicate minerals in the volcanic rock platform expense of clay minerals. These are the minerals that are part of what is known as the smectite group. Foundation repair contractors are aware of the harm of these expensive soils and know how they can crack a foundation.

Sedimentary rock that creates clay soils is the second group of clay soils. If you have an older home that is built on clay soil, it is likely that your foundational experience substantial on Dacian movement and need some type of repair due to these types of soils.