drainage-system-1When a home has proper foundation drainage it will protect the crawlspaces as well as any other drainage problems. Popular drainage systems are surface drain, French drain, and yard drainage systems. These would include sump pumps, catch basins, capillary and channel drains.

Drainage systems in Kansas City

  • Contractors sometimes install French drains to prevent water from entering beneath a foundation. Surface drains help to prevent water from standing or yard flooding.
  • drainage-system-2When water migrates through soils, it can take as long as 1 to 2 years before a homeowner notices a problem with their foundation.
  • Contractors will install French drains when excess groundwater is a problem.
  • Yard drains are installed to assist soil from corrosion or becoming oversaturated.

The best foundation drainage system for yard water problems

  • People use one two two types of systems. The first system would be a surface drainage system (sump pumps, channel drains, capillary systems). The second system would be French drains.
  • drainage-system-3Drainage correction in Kansas City is very important because of the amount of weight inherent in water. One gallon of water weighs about 8.5 pounds, which exerts incredible amounts of hydrostatic pressure on the home’s foundation. This is what leads to foundation cracks and other issues.

How drainage contractors install french drains

  • Generally, the installation takes one to two days.
  • drainage-system-4The systems are placed directly next to the foundations.
  • The process involves digging a trench and placing a 4 inch perforated PVC pipe that is then covered with a porous sock. Once the pipe is placed down it is covered with 4 to 6 inches of native soil and pea gravel.
  • French drains are helpful to keep water from seeping underneath the house. This is beneficial to slabs and beam foundations.
  • There should never be a problem if the system is in place and there is rain up to 4 inches in one day.

Installing a surface drain, sump pump, capillary or channel drain

  • These types of drains are used to move large volumes of water.
  • This is especially useful in properties where water is trapped and the soil becomes quickly saturated.
  • Surface drains are placed in such areas to drain catch basins of various sizes.
  • The water is carried from the catch basin by PVC pipe or other corrugated plastic.
  • Crawlspaces and yards with large surface water areas sometimes require sump pump installations.

drainage-system-5How foundations benefit from the french drains and surface systems

  • The systems divert water away from the house foundation and remove the risk of potential damage.
  • French drains push rainwater into storm sewers so that it does not affect the foundation.
  • The purpose of the systems is to ensure that water which is trapped under the surface of the soil is removed.

Other types of yard drainage systems

In some situations, it is recommended to use landscaping to redirect water. Contacting a professional who is familiar with a variety of landscape methods it is recommended.