Foundation issues in Kansas City are common. This is because of the drastic change in climate in our area which causes foundation movement.

The metro area typically has a temperature extremes ranging from 100° to as low as 0°. These changes in temperature profoundly affect foundations, test their integrity and generally create serious concerns. It is important to act quickly when you see indications of a problem. When it is very cold, the ground tends to expand. As the weather warms up and the soil becomes more dry, the ground surrounding the foundation begins to shrink. These adjustments are what often causes foundation issues that must be fixed. The sooner you can address the issues the better. Cracks and gaps are indications of problems in the foundation that you’ll want to be aware of.

Another item to be aware of that can affect your foundation is moisture. Slab cracks can become large and sometimes the foundation will sink or settle again. Addressing these items as soon as possible is suggested.

Cracks are signs of problems.

Indicators of trouble include brick cracks, slab cracks, ceiling gaps, floor fractures, floors that are uneven, doors that don’t close properly, a fireplace that is leaning or separated from the ceiling, mildew or mold in crawlspaces, damp and musty smells, cabinets that may not be hanging properly, spaces around windows or doors, cracks in the chimney or sagging floors.

It is important to address issues that may be affecting your concrete slab foundation. Delaying the repair of these items generally adds cost to the overall repair. The same is true of pier and beam foundations, which is sometimes an indicator that the house is sinking.